Health Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and a form of energy healing. It is based on a combination of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and muscle testing. Your physical, mental and emotional self is a direct mirror of the energy flows within and surrounding yourself. Health Kinesiology balances these energy flows, allowing your body, mind and emotions to return to health. You are always your own healer. Others can only help you with that. We have a lot of success helping clients with a wide variety of concerns across all age groups.

Due to Advertising Standards Agency guidelines that require scientific proof for any improvements/claims presented, we are limited with the types of testimonials that we can publish. As the benefits of most complementary therapies rely on the individual and unique nature of the treatment, they are not easily evidenced by a double blind trial. Therefore we rely on word of mouth recommendations with regards to the benefits of Health Kinesiology. If you wish to discuss addressing a particular condition, please call any of our practitioners and they will be happy to have a chat with you. Have a look at some of our testimonials below:

When I first came (for a Health Kinesiology session) I was feeling heavy and tired with no enthusiasm and felt unable to move forward with my life. However, after only a few sessions I felt lighter – I changed my job and my enthusiasm for life had returned! I found it fascinating and beneficial on different levels.


“In our experience, Health Kinesiology was a non-intrusive therapy that instigated and promoted balance, calm and inner peace. It proved to be the neutraliser to our problem.”

Mrs J

“I have had a great response, I feel so in control in all the situations I was worried about. It is amazing how I now feel since having Health Kinesiology. I had to have some work re-done ad now feel even stronger than ever. People are commenting on how well I look. (The experience was) fantastic, unbelievable almost. I have battled for years against depression and since having Health Kinesiology, I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. I am now reducing the amount of medication that I have required for 6 years. Thank you so much.”


“I feel a lot more positive. I now look forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past. For me HK helped with my depression. I am a happier person for it and would recommend it to anyone.”


“The problem which was causing me the most concern was fatigue. After the last two treatments my energy levels improved like never before. I still have those same energy levels now – brilliant! I’m less stressed, anxious, nervous, and less fearful. Self-esteem improved. More energy. I now have a more positive outlook on life. I’m more balanced, I can work, rest and play.”


“The easiest way to explain how [having] health kinesiology has changed my life, is to explain how my life was prior to treatment.

I was constantly fatigued, to do anything was an effort. I didn’t sleep well. I would either not be able to fall asleep or would wake up very early in the morning. I had physical and mental fatigue. It was so bad that I really thought that I had a serious illness. I would HAVE to sleep in the day. I was very unhappy. I would cry constantly often not knowing why. I wouldn’t socialise for fear of feeling self-conscious, shy, embarrassed or crying in front of people. I felt worthless and had the attitude that why would people want to talk to me or listen to what I have to say. I would often stumble on my words which exacerbated my feelings towards myself. My life was a mess.

I now have self-worth, more confidence and I’m a happier person. I enjoy meeting and talking to people, family and friends. I’m calmer and more in control when meeting people. I’m no longer stressed by it or find it an ordeal. My circumstances haven’t changed but the way I cope and deal with them has. I’m now finding that I’m enjoying life and I want to live it. I find it easy to sleep at night. I wake up at a reasonable time feeling refreshed and keen to enjoy the day. I now have lots of energy.

I will forever be grateful to my therapist and Health Kinesiology, which has given me the life that I had only dreamed of before.”

Mrs L Taylor

“Just a short note to thank you for my recent treatment of Health Kinesiology.

I wasn’t happy about being on antidepressants because of the side effects – i.e. feeling of numbness, lack of sex drive, etc. Health Kinesiology sessions got me off the antidepressants and I am now able to function without the cloud of depression and without the use of drugs.

As for my IBS symptoms, they have completely disappeared – the pain and discomfort in my left side is now non-existent and it is a wonderful feeling.

Thanks again for making me feel ‘normal’.”

Ann R

“The whole experience has felt that it was meant to happen. I don’t recall feeling too anxious at the prospect of what could be uncovered, and have been aware that my own analytical thinking has not interrupted the Health Kinesiology sessions; I have simply let it happen rather than wonder why or how – and I think this attitude has helped very much.

I feel that I entered a process with some degree of caution, however, and opted for a safe and ‘general well being’ focus initially. I particularly appreciated the way in which [my therapist] was there to guide me, and explain as seemed right, but was otherwise a presence, and not an intrusive teacher in any way. What seemed even more amazing was that everything she anticipated did actually happen – from the calmness to agitation, to the serenity.

I have always been very frightened of the threat of physical violence. This was apparent pretty early in the Health Kinesiology sessions. Very soon after, I was mugged and beaten up. Of course I was scared, but, and this is the only way I can describe it, not as incapacitated by fear as I knew I would have been previously. I have had a similar understanding with a lifelong terror of drowning (though not of water). After an Health Kinesiology session involving this thought and its unlocking. I continue to have the healthy fear of drowning, but no longer have the repeated nightmares about it. [My therapist] also explained a very sound reason about this panic. I choose not to analyse it further – all I know is how I now feel.

After the initial episode of a few sessions I took the plunge and went straight into the reasons why I thought I was stuck and wanted some input into resolution and change. I actually felt as if [my therapist] already knew what I was saying, not from any magical beliefs, but that she’d previously recognised the processes which were blocking my energy. The next few weeks felt tough, both in sessions and outside. I was aware of some ambivalence on my part and some agitation – but we both stuck with it (thanks).

I’ve cried, I’ve felt an inner calm, I’ve felt slightly giddy and I’ve felt an intense anger – all as anticipated. Three months from my last session however and I have retained the inner understanding of who I am. I’m not there yet, but I have the knowledge of where I’m going, which I had lost for a few years. In summary, I remain in awe of the whole process but most thankful too.”


“[My therapist] was a positive and helpful practitioner, I enjoyed the treatments. I’m now more aware of my emotions and how to reduce negative, exhausting feelings, moving on to happiness. Positive experiences have stayed with me, I would recommend the Health Kinesiology sessions and [my therapist] as a practitioner to family and friends.”


“The general self-esteem has, overall, remained stable, some ups and downs but I no longer feel as if I have ‘lost my way’. I feel more in control of my own destiny at the moment even if I haven’t actively begun to change my lifestyle – but I now feel that I can, when I choose. I now feel that my outer world and my inner world have far more harmony that previously. Thank you so much.”


“My problem was that I couldn’t stop urinating but it wasn’t a medical problem it was in my mind. At first my mum thought it was a water infection, but I went to the doctors and they said it wasn’t, so we then did some research on the internet and then we thought it was Irritable Bladder Syndrome due to stress from a big school production I was doing. This went on for a while and I tried to retrain my bladder.

After about 2 months it was still happening. It did go off for a bit after the play was over, but it was starting to get on my nerves and the teachers wouldn’t let me go to the toilet, which I can understand because I was disturbing the lesson. I started to come home saying I hated school because of it.

But then I went to [my therapist] for Health Kinesiology and it was great. All I had to do after the Health Kinesiology session was say my affirmations: ‘I am seen with love, with compassion and understanding, all is well right now’. Later in the treatment another affirmation was added which was found to be one of the main reasons why I had the problem: ‘I heal my relationships’. Health Kinesiology has completely cured me and I’m very grateful to [my therapist].”

From Max, aged 12 years

“Health Kinesiology has helped my family more than I can express in writing. My youngest son has had a number of sessions which have had a huge positive effect on his health. I have recently completed a course of 6 sessions that have again positively helped and enhanced my life. The sessions were again accurate. They sometimes were emotional, deeply relaxing and very powerful. Immediately after the sessions I felt a little tired and thoughtful but as the days passed I felt myself becoming stronger and more positive.

My goals were totally met through the sessions. Certain problems that I had were ‘unjumbled’ from my head and split up into order. I am now more confident and have a positive self-image. I have joined a gym and set time out for myself without feeling guilty. My head is clearer and I can concentrate better. It is no longer full of negative thoughts or experiences. I can strongly recommend this therapy and its outcomes. My husband, who is very sceptical about a lot of therapies, has been completely shocked at its accurate assessments, especially of our son. He now says that you don’t have to understand how things work but when they do, don’t knock them!!

I hope this letter can reassure anyone to try Health Kinesiology. I also hope this letter can express my gratitude to [my therapist] for helping us all so very much.”

J x

“Incredibly, far less back pain and much improved sleep quality and pattern. For a bout of acute/debilitating back pain, one session of Health Kinesiology made a remarkable difference. Bizarre – speaking honestly! of the process itself. I felt I had to ‘work’ at actually experiencing some of the ‘feelings’, but it was clear to me that this was a hitherto unacknowledged ‘need’. Trust, openness and excellent and natural relationship with the therapist made it easy to accept the process itself. I would recommend Health Kinesiology to anyone.”

Jo R

“My youngest daughter, E, has a heightened sense of smell and in the past has shown patterns of distress when she smells something that she doesn’t like. So, it didn’t come as any surprise when she reacted during a trip to Hong Kong, where the aromas are stronger and different to what she was used to. This left her traumatised. As a result she began showing erratic behaviour similar to panic attacks and after a time she was so scared by what she may smell that the fear affected her eating. After the 3 week holiday, her eating diminished and she survived in sipping water. As parents, we were desperate, as we could see the harm that she was inflicting upon herself. We were pained, as all we could do was watch helplessly as she went through torture at each mealtime (she wouldn’t come to the table and it was easier to let her sit in another room whilst we ate). We tried many things such as forcing her, shouting at her, bribing her, offering sweets and chocolates (she wasn’t tempted at all) to no avail. Eating was too upsetting for her and she was not going to give in. Our GP referred us to the hospital but we weren’t sure when we would get on appointment. Just by chance, I had mentioned my dilemma to a tutor at college and she told me of her daughter’s success with Health Kinesiology. I was intrigued as I hadn’t heard of the therapy before but was desperate to try anything. I made the appointment and [our therapist] explained all about the treatment and what to expect. On the day of our first appointment, E was anxious and cried as she was very nervous. I had gotten used to this pattern of behaviour, as she had started with panic attacks and some days wouldn’t leave the house to go to school. The journey was tense as I tried hard to take her mind off the task ahead.

Imagine my utter surprise when we arrived and were greeted by [our therapist]. E immediately relaxed and was taking off her coat and shoes within minutes without being prompted. I couldn’t believe that this was the very same person that minutes earlier had classic panic attack symptoms.

The treatment was non-invasive and I watched in amazement as E relaxed on the couch. Afterwards, [our therapist] gave me some advice on how to co-ordinate mealtimes. Things didn’t drastically change after the first treatment but as least we had some kind of routine to meals and we worked as a family to help E through her problem. I think it was either the 2nd or the 3rd treatment that E sat up after the session had finished and without warning, announced that she was HUNGRY!!! I was taken aback; I hadn’t heard this sentence from her in a very, very long time. It was then that I knew we were on the road to recovery.

Soon, E had begun to eat little amounts of food and at long last seemed to have faced and challenged her fears of eating. It took 6-7 treatments to arrive at a point of ‘normal’ eating and soon we were overcoming other fears such as eating in restaurants, eating in front of strangers and entering supermarkets.

Without [our therapist] and Health Kinesiology, I am sure that we would not have overcome this severe and distressing problem.”


“The IBS is 100% better, no longer a problem. The depression has lifted completely. Sometimes, whilst having treatment, the ‘issues’ that come up make you wonder if [my therapist] is actually psychic as they are so accurate! Amazing.”


“Following my visits to you, I always left feeling very calm and peaceful, as if a weight had been lifted off my mind. I know it seems strange to say this, but I often felt as if I was floating. On one or two occasions when I returned to my car after a treatment, I got very upset and cried a lot. This left me feeling exhausted, but very relieved.

It never ceased to amaze me how you were able to pinpoint exactly what bit of me required attention. Sometimes it was almost as if you could read my inner most thoughts, right down to telling me what I was not eating at that particular time.

After my brother’s death in 2005, I found it very difficult to cope with the terrible feelings of guilt I was experiencing. I was feeling guilty because he had died young and I was still living. I have come to terms with these feelings, which is a direct result of my visits to you, but find that not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, always in a positive way and with happy memories.”

Mrs O.

“Health Kinesiology sessions helped me to concentrate on one idea and I was able to stay focused to achieve a qualification and a profession, which I had previously not considered myself able for.

I have used Health Kinesiology further to resolve issues within my family, as we have gone through troubles with teenage children and changing forces in our family unit. There treatments have helped me to step back from an inflamed situation and to remember to live my life, as well as guiding our children to find their own identity. I have been able to make decisions without guilt.

If you are locked into a particular pattern of thinking, Health Kinesiology frees you and gives you confidence to change any restrictive thinking. When your thinking changes, your actions will change and in your own time, you are able to make required steps to achieve more in your life. Good example of that is that I got the confidence to look for a new social group of people, many of whom have now become my friends; my life has been enriched with a hobby that suits me, and offers me interesting social life.

I have suffered from sciatica, which is stress related. I had a Health Kinesiology session and the pain went, as I was able to work on my difficulties in understanding the stress, which caused my back pain.”

Mrs R Bennett

“I am so glad I’m sleeping better, sleeping through the night most nights. Some trust in ‘God’ returned and in some ways stronger. A more positive attitude to Mum’s death. I am a sceptic and found some of the treatment, forgive me, a bit silly. However, in spite of this I did relax as you were so relaxed and kind. As I have felt much better since, I suppose I am less of a doubter. Overall, I feel much better.”

V. Houghton

“I have been stunned at the accuracy of Health Kinesiology sessions and the impact it has on improving health. Health Kinesiology was recommended to me and my family by a trusted college tutor. We knew nothing about it but decided to try it as we were very concerned about our son who had undergone many medical investigations but we had no diagnosis and NO TREATMENT. Health Kinesiology was the only thing. I am so glad HK was recommended to us and wouldn’t like to think how different things could have turned out without it.

I didn’t understand how it worked but everything was always explained fully and the sessions were adapted to suit our son’s very your age. I have no doubt in my mind that Health Kinesiology sessions have improved my son’s health. I have no hesitation in recommending Health Kinesiology and regard it to be a very accurate therapy where results are proven.”

Mrs R

“A very calming and mysterious treatment. I do not really understand how it works, but it has certainly helped me to feel more grounded and centred. I feeling I had not realised was previously missing. I am definitely much calmer than I used to be.”


“Health Kinesiology sessions have helped me to get through some very difficult periods in my life. Health Kinesiology sessions have helped me to make positive changes in my career and in my relationships. Also of immense help with regards to diet and supplements. Health Kinesiology is a deeply relaxing and amazingly insightful experience.”


“I am very impressed with Health Kinesiology for a number of health problems. It is non-invasive, has no side-effects and gets straight to the core of my problem of imbalance. I like the fact that through Health Kinesiology you can bypass the mind as it simply reads the body. It has been so accurate in terms of finding the underlying problems and bringing things back into balance.”

N. Doran

“I wanted to let you know that C is so much better. Since our visits to you, C learnt to control his temper/frustration which he discovered were causing his abdominal migraine. He is thriving and has been signed off by the hospital consultant. I was proud to tell them that your treatments started his healing process. I also told (the consultant) that we felt the hospitals solution which was to give high doses of painkillers made matters worse and we were not able to follow their advice and had to find our own course of action. He recorded Health Kinesiology as being ‘found to be beneficial’. Thank you for your help and caring.”

With thanks and gratitude,


“Confidence and ease with the therapist for me is vital.

[My therapist] enables me to feel comfortable – emotionally, psychologically and spiritually which means I’m open and relaxed within a trusting relationship.

I am the focus of sessions. It is my time. Probably the first and only time in my life that my needs have been so prioritised.

The non-judgmental and non-intrusive process of Health Kinesiology addresses issues without the need for the verbalised, often harrowing soul-searching of many therapies arising out of psychoanalytical approaches. It is empowering that I don’t have to consciously work at/on identifying/verbalising these issues.

It is still surprising what issues arise – the trust and openness at this stage for me is crucial; ‘going with it’ then, in trust, was the bit that made the difference and therefore ultimate gain and benefit.

Health Kinesiology has made a huge and significant difference to me, my overall wellbeing but specifically lack of back pain, (which I accepted as my normal life) and much improved sleep quality and pattern.

I would recommend HK to anyone. I could foresee however, that not everyone may easily be open to a less traditional, non-verbal approach. It’s a different way.

At worst, all you get is:
a) A quiet hour
b) ‘Waste’ your money for the hour (without health improvement). Within that hour, you have not been subjected to intrusive
a. Questioning
b. Judgement
c. Medication
d. Diagnosis/mis-diagnosis and not perceived as a ‘patient’.
You, the whole person, are the point and the value.”

Mrs R