Kinesiology stems from work done by an Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Robert W.Lovett, from Boston, Massachusetts in 1920′s, although kinesiology itself originates with Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) who is named the ”Father of Kinesiology”.

In 1930′s Dr Frank Chapman, an Osteopath, developed understanding that muscle massage could improve health when specific reflex points on the body were stimulated. Dr Terrence Bennett, also an Osteopath, identified another set of reflex points, which when held for a period of time (some minutes), would increase the blood supply to another part of the body.

Lovett’s work was extended by Henry and Florence Kendall in the 1930′s and 40′s and their publications on Muscle Testing in 1949 became the standard for some time.

In the 1960′s Dr George Goodheart, a Chiropractor, integrated all of the facets into one system, and developed a system called Applied Kinesiology.

In the 1970’s Jimmy Scott Ph.D., a Canadian psychologist, became fascinated by muscle testing and wondered how he could integrate this within his practice. Jimmy Scott’s main interest was to use Kinesiology in his work, primarily for its nutrition benefits.

Over the next few years he started to develop new procedures and devised a system called Health Kinesiology™ and by 1981 his system integrated kinesiology, nutrition and psychology into one solution.

“My goals were to develop the most effective, robust, permanent methods for change that I could” – Jimmy Scott Ph.D.

Jimmy Scott expanded on the basic principles of Kinesiology which come from Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology / Touch For Health, by basing his work on a solid, scientific understanding of the human electromagnetic energy system, psychology, and psychophysiology.

Health Kinesiology™’s broad applications range from electromagnetic issues to psychological and spiritual ones, from BioEnergetic allergy and detoxification to geobiology. It offers a unique session structure that is clearly defined enough to guide the newcomer and open-ended enough to include other therapeutic modalities. HK appears to be one of the first kinesiologies whose model of BioEnergy balancing specifically identifies the spiritual aspect of the human being and its relationship to healing.

Health Kinesiology™ uses muscle testing to identify exactly what your body needs to be in balance and to enable your system to heal / re-balance itself in a very simple, non-invasive but complex form.

Jimmy Scott Ph.D. is still developing the system to this day and it only through his unending desire to understand the human system that we have the wonderful tool of Health Kinesiology™.