Health Kinesiology™ Studies 4 day Classes

Health Kinesiology Level 1 – Intensive

The pre-requisite for all other Health Kinesiology (HK) training, this course is designed for newcomers to HK with or without experience in Kinesiology. It includes the basic skills needed to use HK on yourself and others, and is designed to stand alone as well as forming the foundation for professional HK training.

At the end of the 4 days you will be able to:

  • Muscle test
  • Perform the basic meridian energy balance
  • Work in the client’s body sequence

You shall learn allergy and tolerance testing and correction, psychological and stress release techniques, lifting of limiting belief systems, release of gut level fears and an introduction to the electromagnetic effects on the body. You will also be able to identify, through muscle testing, lifestyle changes that would benefit the client and support the energy work that you do for them.

Health Kinesiology Level 2

  • We add working to a client’s specific concern to the Level 1 body sequence
  • More profound allergy and tolerance techniques
  • How to release energy blocked in the tissues of the body
  • Techniques for strengthening the body against electro-magnetic pollution
  • Asking precise questions

Health Kinesiology Level 3

  • Issue analysis and working in facets allows every aspect of a client’s concerns and goals to be addressed
  • New powerful psychological techniques
  • Procedures for scars, pain and phantom sensations
  • Methods of improving intellectual functioning

Health Kinesiology Level 4

  • Use of programmed crystals
  • Procedures for improving the functioning of the five senses
  • More psychological techniques
  • Designing affirmations

Health Kinesiology Level 5

  • Chakra re-balancing
  • More psychological techniques
  • Designing exercise programmes
  • Further work on intellectual function

Student comments

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Health Kinesiology Level 6

New Energy Correction Factors:

  • Temperament
  • Age Identity
  • Subtle Body Integration
  • More ECS:MC
  • Energy Redirection Factors
  • Learn to identify and address Bioenergy causes of imbalances, including indexing. (16p)

Health Kinesiology Level 7

  • Cellular Dynamics (affecting DNA)
  • Psychological Structures
  • Critical Life Concepts
  • Using Colour and Sound

Health Kinesiology Level 8

  • More Energy Flow Balance
  • Unification Structures
  • Psychological Structures and Processes

Health Kinesiology Level 9

  • Further Psychological Processes/Structures/CLCs
  • BioEnergy Correction
  • Spiritual Factor
  • Entropy
  • Resonance

Health Kinesiology Level 10

  • How HK works
  • Meta Analysis
  • Meridian Analysis
  • Gemstones and Gemstone Programming
  • Dream Analysis
  • Word Strings

The SCOTT Protocol

Requires at least HK3. Skill at asking questions and self testing are required.

This stands for: Stimulating Connections & Organization Through Touch.

This totally new Course teaches you how to change and make new brain / body connections in moments. In the last few years I have been developing this completely new procedure which makes nervous system / bioenergetic system changes so fast you will not believe it unless you see it.

Autistic kids change so much and so quickly that teachers and family are astonished (and ask for more).

An old lady crippled by arthritis stood dramatically taller and walked faster within a few moments, even without her crutch (over two hundred observers saw this demonstration at an international brain conference).
A young man stopped stuttering in minutes.

Many report sensations like “a fog lifting from me” during the process. In this Course you will learn the history of this technique, some of the bioenergetic and physiological background, how to do the technique, how to keep the records, and you will have abundant hands–on practice. This technique will become an indispensable part of your professional repertoire. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.



General Course Information

Health Kinesiology™ is a unique, original, and comprehensive system for balancing the BioEnergy, with classes available throughout England.

Health Kinesiology Level 1-5 four day modules are required for completion of HK studies. They are designed to provide a solid base of BioEnergy awareness and kinesiology knowledge, theory and practical techniques.

Whether you are a complete kinesiology novice or already a skilled practitioner of another school of kinesiology, you will learn how to be a highly professional and effective BioEnergy consultant.

Once the HK classes are completed, we encourage students to attend classes in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, counselling skills, practice management and Touch for Health Foundation as these are prerequisites for becoming a professional member of the Kinesiology Federation and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

In the UK Health Kinesiology study modules 1-5 are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and meet the Kinesiology National Occupational Standards (NOS) that are standardised for all schools of kinesiologies. Each class is generally taught over 4 days and in 30 hours, please check training dates for each tutor. After each module there are 30 hours of assessed home study (15 hrs theory and 15 hrs practical) to help students assimilate the material and practice the skills.

There is more information on becoming a Health Kinesiology professional here.