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You May Have Hidden Allergies

Many people suffer from distressing physical or mental symptoms for which they have not been able to obtain relief. When they go to a doctor, they may be told that their problems are all in their imagination. Or, they may be diagnosed as having a certain disease, but the prescribed treatment does nothing to help them. For many of these […]

How can you do so many bad things to yourself and still function?

How can you do so many bad things to yourself and still function: Your Body’s Metabolic Reserve and Priority Systems Uncle Harry is no Excuse! “Why should I be careful about what I eat? My Uncle Harry drank like a fish, smoked two packs a day, and ate a diet of potato chips and soft drinks. Yet he lived to […]

Are You Eating Adequately?

No one argues that everyone needs to take in nutrients; they only disagree about which nutrients and how much! Since every individual has a different nutritional requirement there can be no rigid statement about what and how much you should eat, in spite of the “authority’s” demands to the contrary. There are, however, some general nutritional principles which do apply […]

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