“Totally absorbing… informative… fascinating… thoroughly enjoyable”

“HK is an exceptional aid in achieving well-being in every level of life”

“The whole training experience has been life changing for me.”

“HK training is an opportunity for intense self-development as well as learning a powerful therapy.”

“I was impressed by the effectiveness of the techniques, their simplicity and the rapidity in getting results”

“Mind blowing!”

“Has to be experienced to be believed!”

“The course exceeded my expectations. It was fascinating, enjoyable and beneficial.”

“Excellent, personable teaching.”

“Informal and friendly, yet also professional”

“I am amazed at the level of BioEnergy healing available even at level one”

“You’d have to be dead not to enjoy Health Kinesiology!”

“An inspirational course – HK is a truly wonderful therapy.”

“Challenging but manageable.”

“Great course – surely has changed my life!”

“HK is a thorough introduction to the path of alternative healing.”

“HK may just be the most amazing thing I have come across.”

“HK was even more powerful than I expected.”

“Probably the most enjoyable course I have ever been on.”

“The most exciting and best investment that I’ve ever made.”

“This course is much more than I could have ever hoped for.”

“Excellent, well presented and fun.”

“A lot of information in a short space of time which didn’t overload.”

“The atmosphere was happy and relaxed and I felt I grew in confidence.”

“The dynamics in the class is so powerful and invigorating while the four very intensive days just fly by as one moment. It is such a short period of time, but it is like life itself – with huge emotional ups and, yes, also downs. Because it is all about energy work. And energy moves! I have seen and experienced in the class wonderful healings that happen within minutes. It is hugely interesting and very inspiring. I feel like my own enthusiasm has been rekindled.”

“Although my intention isn’t to become a practitioner the courses gave me the tools to use on myself and loved ones to help us to heal.”