The HKUK website is run by a voluntary team called Health Kinesiology Initiative. It is not an organisation, but offers clients a listing of registered and insured Health Kinesiology practitioners and teachers.

What is the result of my complaint?

Complaints are very rare. In general most complaints result from a misunderstanding, which can be cleared up with mediation by HKI. The practitioner may be requested to undergo further training or mentoring, given a warning, or in more severe cases be removed from the website register. HKI has no authority over the licence to practice.

Who can make a complaint about a Practitioner on the HK Website?

Anyone who has experienced an offence can contact the HKI team and raise a complaint about one of its members. Anonymous complaints will not generally be actioned. If however, the information given relates to professional misconduct or serious allegations about an HK member’s fitness to practice, and where there is evidence of such, the complaint will be looked into.

Is there a deadline for complaints?

All complaints are to be made within one month of the event to ensure that evidence and details are up to date.

What can you make a complaint about?

All members abide by the Professional Associations Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of their professional organisation. The relevant association can be identified by the qualification of a practitioner. FHT is the Federation of Holistic Therapists, KF is the Kinesiology Federation and EMB is EMBODY. You can see the Code of Ethics for each organisation by visiting their website or you can contact them directly to ask for a copy.

What can HK not do?

Whilst we consider all cases individually we are not able to:

  • Consider complaints about non-HKI members.
  • Get involved in matters not related to HKI membership.
  • Arrange refunds or compensation.
  • Give legal advice or get involved in legal disputes.

How to make a complaint?

A formal complaint must:

  • Be made in writing using the HK Complaint form.
  • Include the name and full details of the complainant.
  • Identify the HK practitioner subject to a complaint.
  • Include a permission for full details of the complainant and the complaint to be forwarded to the practitioner subject to a complaint.
  • Provide sufficient details regarding what happened.
  • Provide any information requested by HKI pertaining to the complaint.

How long will processing a complaint take?

HKI will endeavour to consider the case as soon as possible. HKI shall update the complainant and the practitioner of their progress.

This will include:

  • Confirmation of receipt of the complaint by HKI.
  • Updates on information/responses received by HKI during the investigation.

Please refer to the HKI Complaint Investigation and Disciplinary Procedure document for full details.